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Second Avatar of Goddess Durga – GODDESS BRAHMACHARINI

Second Avatar of Goddess Durga – GODDESS BRAHMACHARINI

 The sacred land of India has time and again experienced divinity of gods and goddesses for the welfare of living beings since time immemorial. In this life which is dominated by Maya, individual experiences sorrow, grief, fear, diseases, etc. Hence, one worships goddess Durga to […]

The Rise Of The Guardians – Leadership & Self-discovery

The Rise Of The Guardians – Leadership & Self-discovery

The Rise Of The Guardians – Leadership & Self-discovery   The plot involves five of our childhood make-believe characters that make up The Guardians: Santa, Easter Bunny, Sandman, Tooth Fairy and Jack Frost. While the evil side is represented by the Boogeyman. Our guardians characterized […]

Leadership skills in Whatsapp Group Admin

Leadership skills in Whatsapp Group Admin





While we talk about the leadership, the persona having capabilities to transform the vision, in reality, taking all teams along with him, becoming a guiding light, motivator all the time to reach the final goals. We never thought earlier about the comparing and taking an example of leadership qualities before on Whatsapp Group Administrator. The following write-up is inspired by few WhatsApp group where I am an admin as well as my day to day experience of being an Entrepreneur.

Vision: Creating a group on a certain theme and make it successful is a vision of the Group Admin, and he or she makes it happen by having a thought in mind first. Certain people create a group on the theme of School members, college students, certain company members or some industry altogether. Some groups are of special interest or like-minded people who wish to exchange ideas on very prompt medium. Have read somewhere that the first ingredient of success is to dream a great dream and if you can dream it, you can do it. Our leaders are also visionary and they led us to some goals and achievements.

Establishment: People need courage and a strong commitment to establishing something new, on which they are not sure about the clear-cut goals and guidelines. Group admin creates a group by having certain thoughts in mind, like from what will be a theme, first conversation, who will be group members, from where he or she will get those number and etc etc. The small things matter, micro-planning required, even if you are at top level being a leader. The planning while and before establishment makes the leaders confident and makes him aware of the potential problems lie in the path. The foresight will help teams to find a solution.

Selection / Recruitment :
Selection of members in Whatsapp group is also a very important task since the activeness of group and members lies on this criteria. Even in some cases where the count of members increases above 50, Admin needs to select some inactive members to remove and add new aspirants in the group. What exactly the Admin does in this process. Selection of suitable member and add them in a Group, Monitoring of Performance ( Activeness, effectiveness, and Value) of the group members. Take the decision to remove and add new members. Same is happening in the Corporate world. In today’s scenario, the Corporate is totally Performance driven and an employee is rated, graded, awarded and terminated based on the performance.

Policies :
Whatsapp group Admin admin generally makes and helps others to break the rules either way. I have seen certain Admin, who restrict members by posting unwanted material, photos or contents on racism which may not generate a healthy discussion. It is a leader who decides how his group will behave. In certain groups there are only light contents will be forwarded whereas some groups are so active where they discuss technology, job opportunities, current affairs which adds value to your knowledge.

Conflict Resolution :
Many members have a difference of opinion with others still they are active participants and who make the group alive, it is a leader who keeps them alive and encourages them to talk and share their views whereas applicable. In some of the cases, Admin becomes intermediator to resolve the difference of opinion and drive the discussion to some other fruitful directions.

We never notice such leadership skill but it is everywhere in each individual if a person starts looking at that angle.

Note: Not all WhatsApp admin are leaders! Not every admin is successful in managing the group. A success of a WhatsApp group can be measured with the content and discussion happening in the group. You can ask questions like: Is the purpose of the group still intact? Purpose can expand, Vision can get larger, but it cannot dilute! 🙂 Happy Whatsapping.

Paralysed life of locals in Kashmir

Paralysed life of locals in Kashmir

State of Jammu and Kashmir has been in dispute since India’s independence. We can say, 70 years of Independence and for this state, 70 years of struggle. Meeting and having conversations with the locals of the areas where disputes are part and parcel of daily […]

Journey of Indian Flag

Journey of Indian Flag

Before moving on to the history of Indian flag, let me answer, Why Do Countries Need a Flag? Each country needs a flag as a visual representation of its people—and to distinguish it from other nations. A flag is also a code of honor. When […]

Thousand Splendid Suns

Thousand Splendid Suns

Finished reading Thousand splendid suns.
The story spans roughly over 3 decades. It’s story of hope, humanity, compassion, empathy and spirit of humans. The 2 main characters are Mariam and Laila. 2 women, generations apart, whose life cross as they become wives of same man under different circumstances but not happily in either case. Yet its a story of how their relationship shape to of a mother and daughter…. their inner journey. Their outer journey. Their journey in the time when their country was war-torn. Things were not same before late 60s in Afghanistan. in 40s 50s and 60s women’s could go to school, had freedom, etc. In early 70’s to 2003 how big was the struggle in these 3 odd decades for women in Afghanistan.
It’s not as violent as I thought it would be given that it takes place during the war in Afghanistan and there is hope, but the story will shake you to the core. You have people living a regular life, they go to work, they fall in love, they have a family, they make mistakes, they try to atone for their mistakes and then war hits and life as they know it changes within the blink of an eye. It’s not a story about war though it’s a story about people from different walks of life trying to go about the business of living as best as they can and trying to find a tiny corner of happiness. 
I appreciate Hosseini’s portrayal of a part of the world that is under so much scrutiny lately. Afghanistan, and the city of Kabul where the story takes place, have a long history of wars and occupations which result in a great chasm between different ethnic tribes, Islam, economic classes and gender. Hosseini uses this novel to tell the story of Afghani women and the hardships that face them with each regime change. It’ll rip out your heart, have you crying buckets and buckets of tears while marveling at the triumph of the human spirit through severe and virtually unimaginable adversity as well as pure hell.
The writing is absolutely beautiful. The pictures he paints with his words are so vivid that everything from the fun everyday life to the squalor that war brings to the ordinary person just flashes before your eyes like a movie. When you read, you can actually live the city of Kabul, house, neighborhood etc of its characters. You can imagine their struggle, their pain. There are some parts that have no doubt happened to many people but to think that any of this is even remotely possible will just kill you especially the parts about what a mother will do to save her children. 
As a woman, I feel blessed to have been given confidence and opportunities. I truly cannot imagine what it would be like to live under the conditions the women in this book live under. I am grateful to be born to the family I was born to and in a country which allows me to live the kind of life I choose.
When you read this, you will be in utter shock of how people live in war-torn countries. The regular life that you and me live in is like hope to them, someday, it will be possible. Can you imagine rockets and blasts and curfews happening everday for decades? How do you think people can live and find some tiny bit of happiness there?
That’s what the author Khaled Hossieni has portrayed in this book. Awesome read!!
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Walk by the Bay

Walk by the Bay

An amaranthine city leaving its mark amatively. City of dreams now may sound old, yet it’s a city that never sleeps. I like to call “Bombay” more than “Mumbai. The charm of South Bombay is mesmerizing. You may love the new developments in Mumbai, yet, […]

Gulaab gang and management

Gulaab gang and management

Movies and Cricket are most common form of entertainment in India. Why not learn something from there? I saw movie Gulaab Gang this Sunday(first time), though i missed initial 45 mins of the movie. Movie had very interesting lessons from the management perspective: 1. “NO” […]

Lessons from Percy Jackson

Lessons from Percy Jackson







I just finished reading Percy Jackson & Heroes of Olympus series and it still not out of my head. Rick Rordian is an absolute genius to have imagined and penned this entire series. And the idea of having Greek & Roman mythologies seems quite challenging at first thought, but bang on kudos to the author for such a brilliant delivery at the end. It’s extremely gripping. Coming to what lessons we can learn from this series (I might add some points from the Olympian series as well)…

  1. Each one of us is Uniquely gifted:

Firstly to begin with, no matter what you are, how you are, believe that you are special and unique. Percy is ADHD and Dyslexic, which is not his limitation but his strength. He has his own special talents and strengths that other normal kids do not have.

Uniqueness is not only for Percy here. It’s for every demi-god. Like Percy has special powers for when it comes to water, Annabeth has a wisdom that no other have, Jason to control wind and lightening, Hazel for underworld senses and powers, Leo for the fire and engineering, Frank to be whatever he wants to be, Piper for her charms-speak, Nico for his underworld powers, shadow travel, etc.

Perhaps not everyone is a son of Poseidon or any other god, but we all have God-given gifts: strengths, talents, that when the time comes can save us and others.

  1. Team Work and Trust:

Each character had its own part to play. 7 demi-gods on quest along with 2 other demigods (Reyna & Nico) and a Satyr. Any task or project needs a group of people with certain strengths. Imagine entire quest being managed by only Percy and Annabeth or Jason and Piper… They would have surely failed. Because to defeat Gaia (mother earth) there were series of quests. Each bits and parts were taken up who had the capability to complete it.

  1. Project Management:

Break one big project into small-small step-by-step projects. Like a Quest to defeat Gaia, the first thing to do was to unite Greeks and Romans and to that Hera needed to have some plan to do so. She planned it was a success. Then Greek camp had one Roman demigod and Roman camp had one Greek demigod. The very first step (quest) was to rescue Hera, then free Thanatos, then find mark of Athena, then close the doors of death and finally prevent Gaia to awake by bringing the mark of Athena to camp half-blood by a Roman Leader.

When you break the project into bits, it becomes easier to achieve the smaller milestones which finally leads to the achievement of the main goal.

  1. Time & Crisis Management:

I think here’s the mastery of the heroes in Rick Rordian’s series. Every quest has a certain timeline which if missed results to the end of the world. When the team goes for a quest, they are clueless of they are going to come across. At every step there’s a crisis. Me as a reader is thoroughly convinced, ok, now I think nothing can happen and then the author surprises. Even at the last fraction of a second a game can change.

What more I can learn about crisis management here is. To deal with any situation or crisis, it is a very easy option to give up. What allows you to continue to fight till your last breath is your future that motivates you. In this series, a motivation to fight till last breath could vary moment to moment, like to save your love, save your friends, to not let the sacrifices of your friends go in vain (like Bob and Damasen), to save the world, to live a life with your beloved, etc. Anything that you want to live for… forever… can help you in crisis management. It will give you strength, will-power, faith, possibility.

  1. Resource Management:

Resource Management and Allocation is the biggest challenge. Whether Hera chose the correct ones or not was to be revealed with the time. Why not Reyna, Clarisse or any other demigods? Why Percy, Annabeth, Jason, Piper, Leo, Hazel and Frank? Hera had very finely selected the 7 demigods of the prophecy, knowing their strengths and weaknesses. Preparing for it even before they were born.

Of course, we cannot do that, but yes, we can definitely have a hawk eye to identify a resource for a project. Imagine, Frank not one of prophecy demigods just coz he didn’t look like a quest material. Hazel, for being introvert and considering herself as inferior coz she didn’t belong to the same era. Every employee should get an opportunity to identify and play to their strengths. Never under-estimate their power. Respect and consider the introverts or employees who have not got an opportunity to showcase their talents and abilities.

It’s not the quantity of resource but the quality of resource that matters. It was 7 demi-gods versus entire world – Gaia, giants, small gods, titans, etc. 7 demigods, played and combined their strengths, didn’t felt egoistic or smaller to ask for help. It’s ok to ask for support. It’s ok to ask for help. You are not meant to be a super human all the time.

  1. Trust your instincts:

Your instincts are your best friends. Trust them. Not everything fits in logic, nor it is necessary for everything to fit in logic. Your instincts can save you 😛

  1. Choose your own path:

I learned this one from Jason. For most of the series Jason was confused.  He had been Roman all his life, but after coming to camp half-blood he realized how much he love the Greeks and their culture. Still, he wavered between the two worlds, unsure of what he wanted.  Finally he gets some great advice from one of the wind gods. He is told that “A wind that blows aimlessly is no good to anyone.”  When Jason decided to be Greek he took on a new identity, and with it came a new strength. He finally knew who he was and who he was meant to be.  It was this new foundation that gave him the courage to dispel his mother’s mania, and later give the Praetorship to Frank.  Jason proved that the fates can only govern so much. It is up to you to choose your path. “You can’t choose your parentage. But you can choose your legacy.”

Not only Jason, but all… Percy, Annabeth, Piper, Leo, Frank, Nico chose their own path.

Throughout the series (1 and 2) Nico was the dark character. In Blood of Olympus, however, Nico undergoes a transfiguration. In becoming friends with Reyna and encouraging her to share her secrets, Nico realizes his own hypocrisy. In the battle against Gaea when Nico finally shows all his underworld power, he is surprised to see that his friends still love him.  He realizes the truth: no mask can cover us forever, but even when our most unlovely sides are revealed we can still be fully loved.

Darkness earlier too was the path chosen by Nico and the new brighter side too was his choice.

  1. Laughter always helps.

I love how the author inserts humor into the book’s darkest moments. He seems to be reminding us that only joy can cast out fear. And yes, never to forget Leo when it comes to sense of humor. I never have any favorite character as such, but for Leo scenes, I always looked forward for some new inventions and his PJ’s 😀

Am sure you too would love Leo’s humor and entire series too. There’s much more I can write, but for the moment I would end for this article.

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