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Ninth Avatar of Goddess Durga – GODDESS SIDDHIDATRI

Ninth Avatar of Goddess Durga – GODDESS SIDDHIDATRI

For destroying the cruelty of evil demons on the earth and for the welfare of the whole of humanity, goddess Durga descended on earth as her ninth form of Sri Siddhidatri. This form of the goddess is the epitome of completeness and prosperity. She is the suppressor […]

Eight Avatar of Goddess Durga – GODDESS MAHAGAURI

Eight Avatar of Goddess Durga – GODDESS MAHAGAURI

Mahagauri is the beautiful manifestation of Goddess Durga in her eighth form. She is worshiped on the eighth day of Navratri, more commonly known as Ashtami. Being a symbol of purity, serenity and tranquility, Mahagauri is said to put an end to all the suffering of her devotees. It is also believed […]

Seventh Avatar of Goddess Durga – GODDESS KAALRATRI

Seventh Avatar of Goddess Durga – GODDESS KAALRATRI

Goddess Kalratri, also known as Maa Kaali, is the seventh avatar of Goddess Durga. Devotees worship her on the seventh day of Navratri. They seek her blessings to eliminate all troubles from their lives. This form of Maa Durga is believed to destroy all demons, ghosts and negative energies. She is also believed to be the destroyer of time and death. Although intimidating in appearance, this Devi is benevolent towards all worshipers.

There are many mythological stories that tell us about the transformation of Goddess Durga into Maa Kalratri. According to the most common legend, two demons Shumbha and Nishumbhainvaded and defeated devlok (the realm of demigods). These demigods prayed to Goddess Parvatifor help who readily transformed herself into Goddess Chandika, to battle with demons on behalf of all devtasGoddess Chandika, also known as Chamunda, transformed herself into Goddess Kalratri and killed both these demons. Maa Kalratri fought another demon called Raktveej and kept drinking his blood till he was completely dead, causing her tongue to appear blood-red.

For the protection of dharma and for the destruction of the demons, whenever sages and noble men have prayed to the god, he has time and again incarnated on the earth as a divine power to save the living beings. In the same way, goddess Durga manifested out of the energies of all the gods for the very same reason. The seventh form of goddess Durga manifested on the seventh day of Navaratri and she is known as “Kaala-raatri”. She manifested for the welfare of devas and human beings of the earth. Because Puranas speak of the legend that in the ancient times, when demons like Mahishasura, Shumbha, Nishumbha etc. after obtaining boons, dominates and tortures the beings of earth and heavens, the religion or dharma starts to get diminished on the earth. Humans on the earth started forgetting their human values and righteousness and demonic energies started spreading everywhere. Noble qualities like yajnas, charity, social service, dharma, kindness, forgiveness etc. started disappearing. When god worship was abandoned and gods, parents, gurus were not respected. During such darkness in the world when the whole of humanity was sinking deep in the demonic qualities, goddess Kalaratri incarnated to save humanity from the oppression of the demons. She is the embodiment of auspiciousness and is the destroyer of demons and evils of the earth. She is the giver of fearlessness to the whole of humanity and celestial beings. Goddess Kali is known by this name due to her powers. Because she is the energy which even transcends the death and time, meaning even death is helpless in front of her. She was known as “Kaala- raatri” by her devotees because she is the end of even the kaala (death). The word “Kaala” literally means time and time is also known with respect to death and hence “kaala” also means death.

Kaala is the destroyer of everything. Kaala engulfs everyone at right time. Goddess Kali is even more fierce and intense than the kaala. In front of her, no demons or even kaala can stand. Thus, Sri Kaali is the savior of this world and heavens. She saves her devotees from ghosts, demons, fears, sorrow, poverty, diseases, pains etc. and grants them fearlessness. She blesses the devotees with peace and prosperity. The seventh form of Durga is known as Kalaratri which is famous since the ancient times. Even though her appearance is very frightening, but she is the source of eternal light and wisdom and takes such fierce form only for the welfare of her devotees. The form of the goddess has four arms and in the upper right hand, she holds the boon gesture as she blesses her devotees with the desired results. In the lower right hand, she holds the fearlessness gesture which ensures the protection of her devotees. She holds the mighty sword in the upper left hand and a trident in the lower left hand. Her hair is dense, black and is scattered which makes her look very fierce. She has three eyes which are round as the shape of the universe and are extremely fearsome. It has the luster of the lightning thunder and also appears like extreme darkness at the same time. She exhales heavy flames of fire as her exhalation. She is having a great garland in her neck and she has a mule as her vehicle. All kinds of troubles and diseases are taken away by her worship and one gets back the peace and happiness in his life.

Mythological tale of goddess Kaalratri

Mother Kalaratri is always compassionate towards all of her devotees. We find several instances in Puranas about goddess Kalaratri. Among the scriptures, Durga Saptashati is the foremost which gives a detailed account of nine forms of Durga in an authentic manner. Apart from this, some portions of the stories are also found in Devi Bhagavata and related Puranas. It is believed that Kalaratri is a form of goddess Kali only. She is the giver of visible results in the age of Kaliyuga. Because Kali, Hanuman, and Bhairava are gods which can be invoked easily and grants the desired fruits to the devotees. There are several names and forms of goddess Kali but by her devotees, she is called by the names like Bhadrakali, Dakshina Kali, Matra Kali, and Maha kali. All these forms are equally powerful and auspicious hence she is also known as Shubhankari which means the one who always does welfare of the people. In Durga Saptashati there is a mention of Goddess Bhadrakali slaying the demon Mahishasura. It is mentioned that during the battle, as the demons approached near the goddess with their mighty army, they showered so many arrows on the goddess as if clouds are pouring the rain drops on the peak of mount Meru. In return, goddess broke these arrows with her giant arrows in an effortless manner and also killed the chariot riders and horses as well. Apart from that, she also destroyed their bows and their military flags. After cutting their bows, she pierced them with her mighty arrows. Then Sri Bhadrakali threw the “shola” weapon which destroyed their weapons and the demons including great Mahishasura lost their lives.

In the same manner, goddess Kali, whose face is very fierce, incarnated for the destruction of demons named Chanda and Munda. Some portion of her story is as follows Sages says that– Meanwhile, after getting the orders from Shumbha, demons like Chanda and Munda departed with their great Chaturangini army and mighty weapons. After reaching the golden peak of the Himalayas, they saw the goddess sitting on the lion. Soon they started struggling to get hold of the devi. During this time, goddess showed anger towards the demons due to which her face got darkened. Her eye brows got frowned and from her kali emerged with a terrifying face and form who was holding pasha and sword. She is holding a strange khatvanga weapon and wearing the garments of leopard’s skin. She was also wearing a garland of skulls as an ornament. Her body was slim with less flesh she was looking horrific due to her body which as nearly a skeleton. Her face was very big and she further looked fearsome due to her moving tongue. She was making a great roaring sound which was resonating in all the directions. By slaying the demons she soon broke up on to the army of demons and destroyed everyone with her mighty power.


Sixth Avatar of Goddess Durga – GODDESS KATYAYANI

Sixth Avatar of Goddess Durga – GODDESS KATYAYANI

Whenever the oppression of the demons starts dominating the earth, whenever sages, saints, and celestial beings get victimized with the torture of the demons, then there is certainly a divine incarnation of supreme energy for the betterment of the world and suppression of the evil. […]

Fifth Avatar of Goddess Durga – GODDESS SKANDAMATA

Fifth Avatar of Goddess Durga – GODDESS SKANDAMATA

For the welfare of the entire world and for the betterment of the devatas, goddess Durga manifested as nine different forms during the nine days of Navaratri. In this sequence, the incarnation of goddess Skanda-maata takes place exactly on the fifth day for blessing the devotees. In the […]

Fourth Avatar of Goddess Durga: GODDESS KUSHMANDA

Fourth Avatar of Goddess Durga: GODDESS KUSHMANDA

On this earth, devotees have been regularly blessed by the divine energy since time immemorial. Be it the order of creation, the evolution of living creates, fighting with the evil forces or the establishment of humanity and religion on earth, nothing is possible without the grace of the cosmic goddess. Even though in this materialistic world, we have gone miles away from the core spiritual values and have started forgetting god or divine powers, the cosmic goddess always wishes good for all the beings of the creation. The fourth divine form of goddess Adishakti is famous in this world in the name of “Kooshmaandaa”. She is the creator of this world. Not only this, she is the embodiment of divine light. She not only illuminates the world through her light but also empowers the planets, solar system etc. to sparkle with her cosmic light. She is the ultimate energy who is behind the creation of the world.  It is said that she is the origin of various types of heat, she also holds this universe in her womb. Thus she is also known as “Jagat-Janani” or “Adi-shakti”. She is the ever compassionate towards every being of the world. The manifestation of Sri Kushmanda is believed to be on the fourth day of the Navaratri. She has a divine form which is beyond words, she has eight arms.  For the welfare of the living beings, she holds in her right hands, kamandalu, bow, arrow, and lotus flower. In the left hand she holds, a pot of nectar, rosary, gadaa, and chakra respectively. She is seated on a giant lion and she is emitting brilliant light which illuminated all the directions. The light and aura of all the living and non-living beings are only because to her energy. With the blessings of the mother, devotees can overcome diseases, fear, sorrows, and obstacles. Further, they are always protected by the known and unknown enemies by the goddess.

Another story:

According to Durga SaptshatiGoddess Durga was very pleased with her avatar of Kushmanda. It is believed that the supreme goddess of power or Adi-Parashakti, appeared in the form of Siddhidatri from the left side of Lord Shiva’s body. After taking the form of SiddhidaritiGoddess Parvati started to live inside the core of the sun and, hence, came to be known as Kushmanda Devi. This implies that Kushmanda Devi is the only goddess who resides in the core of the sun, from where she controls the entire solar system.

The name Kushmanda is a compound word that consists of three Sanskrit words ‘ku’ (meaning-little), ‘ushma’(meaning-warmth) and ‘anda’(meaning-egg); which combined together means a little warm cosmic-egg.

Kushmanda Devi is depicted with eight hands. She has kamandaldhanushbada and kamal in the right hands whereas, she is holding an amrit-kalashjap-malagada and chakra in her left hands. Her beautiful female form is seen sitting on a lion that denotes dharma and justice.

Mythological tale of Goddess Kushmanda

The fourth form of the goddess is related to the manifestation of the universe, she holds the universe in the divine (cosmic) womb. In the beginning of the universe, there was no existence of life or any major activities. But the divine form of Kushmanda was very effulgent as that of the several Suns. From the divine light of the goddess, the whole of the universe got illuminated as if an egg is formed into the flower. Due to the bright smile of the goddess, the universe was filled with joy and creativity. Thus her name was known as “Kooshmaandaa”. The creator of the worlds, Maa Kushmanda always illuminates the universe with her light. She always witnesses the good and bad karmas done by the beings of various worlds. She then arranges a system for the fruits of one’s deed based on his karmas by her divine powers. Not only this, she also dispels the darkness (ignorance) from the lives of the beings with her divine light (knowledge). She is the knowledge of wisdom. She is not only the mother of the universe, but also the goddess of wisdom, wealth, intellect, light, and strength and is very auspicious and compassionate.

Third Avatar of Goddess Durga – GODDESS CHANDRAGHANTA

Third Avatar of Goddess Durga – GODDESS CHANDRAGHANTA

From the very ancient times, people in the great land of India have inspired to realize and witness the divine power of supreme god. A rich and refined culture is a witness that there have been many manifestations of the divine on this land in […]

Second Avatar of Goddess Durga – GODDESS BRAHMACHARINI

Second Avatar of Goddess Durga – GODDESS BRAHMACHARINI

 The sacred land of India has time and again experienced divinity of gods and goddesses for the welfare of living beings since time immemorial. In this life which is dominated by Maya, individual experiences sorrow, grief, fear, diseases, etc. Hence, one worships goddess Durga to […]

The Rise Of The Guardians – Leadership & Self-discovery

The Rise Of The Guardians – Leadership & Self-discovery

The Rise Of The Guardians – Leadership & Self-discovery



The plot involves five of our childhood make-believe characters that make up The Guardians: Santa, Easter Bunny, Sandman, Tooth Fairy and Jack Frost. While the evil side is represented by the Boogeyman.

Our guardians characterized in movie:

Santa as WONDER
Rabbit as HOPE
Sandy as DREAM
Tooth fairy as CHILD HOOD MEMORY
Jack Frost as FUN

and evil characterized in the movie

Pitch Black as FEAR

(Pitch Black, the Nightmare King, is the Rise of the Guardians’ re-imagining of the Boogeyman, the mythical creature that haunts the closets and dark corners of childhood nightmares).

  • The movie is about self-discovery (impersonated by Jack Frost), Remember the scene where Santa asks him whats your center?
  • Discovering one’s purpose (same character), Later in the movie Jack realized that his center is FUN.

As an adult, majority have forgotten about this.

Watch this movie, if you haven’t and ponder on following or allied thoughts…. you may have a different version, but you know you have your own version of it:
1. how you WONDER how it feels to have Superhuman abilities
2. how you HOPE to become like Bill Gates or someone else
3. how you DREAM to be an astronaut or anything else
4. how SILLY you were as a kid?

But as an adult you FEAR a lot of things, job, money, etc and in amidst of this you have forgotten your real version of FUN.

For example, Your way of fun earlier would be reading a book on a couch or a simple maggie party with closed friends in midnight or anything else. Versus, the new version of fun which is mainly to upload on social media, then you have curiosity of how many likes and comments you get? Is this your real fun or something else.

That’s for you to enquire for yourself 🙂

Well, along the wonderful message in the movie, I found several leadership principles to ponder.

1. Passion: Through the character of Jack Frost the movie taught the lesson of discovering what you are truly passionate about. It was not until Jack discovered more about who he was and what made himself tick that he then understand why he had been selected as the newest member of The Guardians. Once he discovered his own individual passion for helping others he became an effective member of the team and became a strong ally in defeating the Boogeyman and his evil forces.

  • What are you passionate about?
  • What causes you to be excited about getting up in the morning?

Once you discover the answer to these questions you will be on your way to being a more effective leader and team member for you organization.

2. Teamwork: The Boogeyman had successfully destroyed almost all the happiness and delight in the world by attacking the imaginations of the children of the world. With only one child left to reverse the evil curse brought about by the Boogeyman, the entire team had to unify and use their individual strengths collectively in order to be successful. This movie does a great job of showing the great truth effective teamwork: “Team members must put their individual pride and agendas aside in order to effectively serve the team’s greater objectives.”

  • Are you a good team member?
  • Are you willing to put your personal agenda and pride aside to accomplish the greater good of the team?
  • Do your teams function at a high level by serving one another?

3. Overcoming Fear: The big weapon that the Boogeyman used was “fear”! He used that to wield his power over both the children and The Guardians as well. The fear was paralyzing everyone and The Guardians were not able to stand up to the Boogeyman and his evil forces until they collectively conquered their fears and took positive action to eliminate the obstacles they had been challenged with. Allowing fear to paralyze us cripples our leadership and limits the effectiveness of our organizations.

  • What fears are holding you back today?
  • Is fear inhibiting your team in any way?
  • What positive steps do you need to take to eliminate the power that fear has over you and your organization?

4. Strength Zone: The last lesson we learned from The Guardians was how we are all most effective working within our strength zone. Each team member has his own unique strengths from which to pull from and support the team most effectively. At the climax of the movie we saw each team member excel by using the special gifts they each possess individually to help the team collectively. There is power in unifying behind a mission with each team member contributing their strongest talents to serve the team’s mission.

  • Are you working within your strength zone in your current role?
  • Are your team members working in their individual strength zones?
  • How much more effective could your team be if you were to get all the team members working collectively from their strength zones?

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