A Day in Life

There’s always a day which will
change your world upside down in a moment.
In a moment a new world gets created or
in a moment our world gets shattered.

Left with some experience, some hurt, some tears
and some faith & hope that one day everything will be fine.
To experience that day,
it was important for me to go thru the present moment,
so that I can realize its value.

Experiencing a loss of compassion.
Am determined to change this and not adjust to it.
Will face it and not look back nor regret it.
Will stand out against all odds,
break the legacy, and be independent

Will create happiness, inner peace
will not allow anyone to hurt me
without my consent.
I will decide on what i want
not influenced by anyone.

A Day in Life is a Turning Point
Will mark it as a new beginning.
A Day in Life have changed my world upside down.





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