About me


After being an average student all my educational life, I learnt that there is an intelligence that extends beyond school and college marksheets.

I am now an Explorer and Enjoying my journey of life.

I am exploring myself as an entrepreneur & writer, in innovation, creativity, management, social life and lot more! In the year 2012 my 5 books got published together and till date my journey continues as an author. I think now I have already authored about 16 books if I am not wrong.

My life is full of dreams, possibilities, believe in self and belief in the Supreme power! I strongly believe in “simple living, high thinking”. The dream of being an author had been seeding since 9th std.

At the age of 24, I started my own business. The seed of being an entrepreneur started sprouting during my early college days.

That’s why I say, Dream and Live your dreams.

Smile and me are synonymous! Its always there with me like my best friend.

I am a student of life – FOREVER!!

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