Beautiful Everything…….An Attitude !!!!

Usually we subconsciously overlook the blessings in our life. We become so busy with our daily complaint checklist, that we need a constant reminder from any source to count our merits. We crib about waking up early, the boring job, the demanding boss,the workplace,Life not treating us well,how god is unfair & does not responds to our appeals ( Plz mind,God is not a cosmic bell boy for whom we can press a button to get things done ) and many a things in our life which does not satisfy our soul and leaves us discontent.

I am no exception to this human psychology either, i feel the same stuff everyday, if things doesn’t happen or appear as i wish, i crib,sulk & curse my life, my creator,my circumstances and i use every possible probability to blame, and you know what, it makes me feel more terrible & awful and our tendency is to stretch this state of mind for a fairly longer time.
But, only if things & situations favour us or something happens as per our desire then we rejoice, we feel lucky we celebrate, make a general statement “I thank you God ” and move on, that’s it !!!!. And after a while we come back to our basics to the original mode of dissatisfaction. We don’t stretch this happiness quotient for a longer time, its short term & plain momentary. Human psyche i guess !!!!!!!

So after reengineering my thought process, i came to an agreement with myself, that i would count my blessings each day and remind myself to look and cautiously look at the good things in my life or of my existence. Few of them i have jotted down which are very very common in all of our lives.

1) Waking up every morning listening to mom’s voice ( Gods grace )
2) Breakfast time ( mom made, real yummm !!!! )
3) Listening music while commuting to office, ( blessed to afford an mp3).
4) Feeling the breeze on my face, ( proof that my senses are healthy )
5) Chatting with my boss and colleagues ( lucky me )
6) Sitting at my workstation,checking mails,planning the agenda ( i am employed & have work )
7) Meeting my colleagues, ( variety of colorful humans )
8) Eating lunch & snacks & the junks, (opportunities to share)
9) Never ending discussion about job, life, problems, happiness etc etc. ( hopes to keep life moving )
10 Etc Etc Etc Etc………………..

Everyday i mange to spend some time with few of my close friends whether on the phone or personally and feel sanctification. They add energy, blush,tint & worth to my life. Family ,friends,colleagues ,people around you,animals ,birds trees add value to your personality, caliber & experience, that’s so wonderful. Just imagine for a while your life without them, dull, boring ,plain and lonely, just you you and only you. What are you gonna do with yourself all the time, just imagine it for real…………No one to talk to, relate to, blame to (kidding!!!!), discuss to, share to and for so many things.

Our family adds strength to our life,
Friends add brightness,
An enemy adds valor
A partner adds love & warmth
Employment adds confidence & hope
Technology adds convenience
Good work adds confidence, & optimism
Mistakes add experience
Mother nature adds faith in the creator,
Animals & birds add kindness
Trees & soil add perseverance,
Difficulties add patience & courage
Opportunities add spirit & enthusiasm
Unfortunate people around add generosity
Fortunate people add vigor
Democracy adds freedom
Difficult & complex people add tolerance
Cheerful people add color

So you see there is more add and less minus in our lives but, only if you think so, otherwise there’s everything yet nothing.
Whenever you’re in conflict with someone or something, there is one factor that can make the difference between damaging it and deepening it. That factor is attitude.”

You spend life anyway you wish, but you only spend it once.




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