“Am at the right place at the right time and doing things for my highest good”

Yesterday, somebody recommended me to read Amish Tripathi’s trilogy. I was hesitant about it as am very picky about reading. There are very few books which capture my attention and am eager to complete that book. I thought let me consider buying his books. And before buying, I started reading about Amish Tripathi on internet and review about his books. I read various internet articles on it… and to a surprise… am eager to read his books now. I don’t know what it is!! But would like to share some points that really asked me to go for reading these books.

1. 20 publishers rejected his 1st book and after that he stopped counting. And it was surprisingly hit.
2. He is from the field of finance before he became a writer.
3. He always wanted to be a historian, and never thought of being in the field of finance.

And somewhere in these 3 points i could connect myself to his world. Am very keen to write books. In fact, I have already completed first few chapters of one book, which is a fiction. Already have 2 more ideas to write a book. I am from the IT field, even i always wanted to be a historian and never thought i would ever be in IT. For me history is the most interesting thing in life. When i say history, its not just knowing what happened in the past in the “X” part of the world. It’s understanding people then, understanding the culture then, how each culture is different today then what it was earlier and with different other cultures… To me its like understanding one (human / culture / circumstances / situation, etc) at completely different level and in depth!

For eg:

In India, we typically call our gods ‘devas,’ and demons ‘asuras,’ a fact any Hindi-speaking native would be well aware of. Zoroastrian Persians refer to their gods as ‘ahuras’ and demons as ‘daevas,’ the opposite of the Indian pantheon.
What if the ancient Indians and the ancient Persians had met? Perhaps they would be calling one another evil because one civilization’s god would be the other’s demon, and vice-versa. Who would be right?’
The answer is, neither. They’re just two different ways of life.

Isn’t this part of history amazing? Does this change the meaning of history for you.

Currently, am reading “Talibanization of Pakistan” and it gives me complete different picture of the terror than what is being telecasted in the news channel.

History is such an amazing subject to understand. Coz it deals with real people, real situations and real episodes in each part of the world. Today will become history tomorrow.

I still remember, when i was in jr. college, my history teacher would tell our group, “you all should go for history debate”!!

Am so glad: “Am at the right place at the right time and doing things for my highest good”




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