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December 27th, 2012

Rumors on new law against Rape in India

I have been checking on the IPC 233 since there has been passage of so many messages on Facebook, whats app, BBM, etc……

IPC 233 is all about counterfeiting coins.

The law is under consideration and not yet passed… It will discussed in the parliament at the next session (most likely in the Jan’2013 end).

Just to acquaint everyone about it:

Laws are passed by central government after it gets an approval from the state governments. Now, is it going to be really approved by all the states?? The reason being there are so many MPs (Member of Parliaments who have rape charges against them. Are they going to allow the law to get approved. If the law is approved, are these MPs will be punished according to the new law.

Have our government fooled the public by just giving the news on new law consideration? is it going to stretch its approval for years and years? Will indian public forget after couple of months about this new law, and wait for another Damini to face something similar and again protest…… What about the 6 people who acted worst than animals in the delhi gang rape case? They are yet to be hanged?? They deserve to be killed brutally and they are still alive…. What about the govt. officials and politicians who also have rape charges against them??

Keep sharing this article……. let everyone know on this!