Handwritten Letters in the Bookstore – first ever Musical novel.

Handwritten Letters in the Bookstore – first ever Musical novel.

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A perfect read for monsoon. A cup of tea/coffee, rains and a book that makes you smile and relax. Keep smiling and cherishing #memories as you read. TIME TO TREAT YOURSELF WITH BRAIN SPA! #fiction #90sindiepop #musiclovers #booklovers #90skid

About the book

Successful and celebrated entrepreneur Rajvir leads a monotonous life. Breaking out of the routine one day, he stops at a bookstore and finds a handwritten note in a book. This letter leads him to a series of other similar letters, and finally, to the person who writes them. The letter-writer, discovers Rajvir, is a young woman, though her identity is a mystery. He soon begins a virtual relationship with her, via chat and mail. Rajvir hits upon a new business idea from his interactions with her. Enter Taashvi, who he ropes in as a partner in the new business. Rajvir and the letter-writer relive their childhood as they converse about everything they love—music, books, the neuroscience behind music, relationships, psychology, etc. As their friendship deepens, Rajvir learns to feel safe again, to be vulnerable, to be open. As Rajvir transforms, Taashvi becomes his new friend. Soon they too discover each other, deepening the friendship between them. In the process, Taashvi inspires Rajvir to explore beyond what he has worked before. Between Taashvi and the letter-writer, who will Rajvir choose? Does he get to meet the stranger behind the letters? Will the girl’s bitter past affect their relationship? Will Rajvir’s story have a happy ending? A delightful and light read, Handwritten letters in the bookstore… enlivens, even as it defines a relationship that has an old world charm with music as its leitmotif.

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Samvedna Singh

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