Connecting Heart and Brain

Few days back, i kept pondering over a word which is very common – Communication and Communion. These are not new words to any of us but, that day i really thought in depth about these 2 words.

Dictionary meaning of communication is: the imparting or exchanging of information or news.

Dictionary meaning of communion is: the sharing or exchanging of intimate thoughts and feelings, esp. when the exchange is on a mental or spiritual level.

Communion – union while communication, oneness while communicating is like heart and communication is like brain…

These 2 words give me wonderful thought about connecting heart and brain.

In communication there is a sharing of ideas through words, pleasant or unpleasant, through symbols, through gestures; and ideas can be translated ideologically, or interpreted according to one’s own peculiarities, idiosyncrasies and background.

But in communion I think there is something quite different taking place. In communion there is no sharing or interpretation of ideas. You may or may not be communicating through words, but you are directly in relationship with that which you are observing; and you are communing with your own mind, with your own heart. One may commune with a tree, for example, or with a mountain, or a river. I do not know if you have ever sat beneath a tree and really tried to commune with it. It is not sentimentality, it is not emotionalism: you are directly in contact with the tree. There is an extraordinary intimacy of relationship. In such communion there must be silence, there must be a deep sense of quietness; your nerves, your body are at rest; the heart itself almost comes to a stop. There is no interpretation, there is no communication, no sharing. The tree is not you, nor are you identified with the tree: there is only this sense of intimacy in a great depth of silence. I do not know if you have ever tried it. Try it sometime – when your mind is not chattering, not wandering all over the place, when you are not soliloquizing, when you are not remembering the things that have been done or that must be done. Forgetting all that, just try communing with a mountain, with a stream, with a person, with a tree, with the very movement of life. That demands an astonishing sense of stillness, and a peculiar attention – not concentration, but an attention which comes with ease, with pleasure

Communication is composed of language, which is composed of words. Yet those words are not the sensation themselves, but mere representations of them.

and we are so attached to words

Due to communication being lingual, it is a mind based faculty, because the mind is nothing more than words. Thus, communication is based on a sense of separation and division, which is the mark of mind centered consciousness. Here I am, and there you are and we are communicating. It is mind to mind. But because nature is not linear in quality, communication and language does not penetrate into the heart of things. It is peripheral, surface level. It is scientific and not poetic. It is rigid and not fluid. It relays information, but not transformation. This is not meant to devalue words or the mind itself. We have it for a reason and it serves a great purpose, which is to be in service to the heart.

Communion on the other hand, is a very different experience; it is worlds apart from communication. Communion is a very beautiful word, it is composed of two words: common and union. Common indicates a certain likeness of things, a commonality is a reflection, in that what is before you is similar to you; you are equals. But when union enters the picture, the division between you and the other dissolves. The two become one. Rather than seeing the other as being a mere reflection of yourself, you see it truly being yourself. Communion is intimacy.

So whereas in communication there is a division between oneself and what is being communicated with, in communion there is no division at all, one becomes that which is being perceived. It resides in the realm of the heart, where there is nothing but unity. And in order to enter into communion, one must become utterly feminine, so open, so receptive, that you allow the other to enter into you deeply, so that they touch your innermost core, your essence. Conversely, they too, must be in this state as well, thus, two purity s are interweaving together into one. It is an exchange of essences; unio mystica. In communion, there is a deep transformation, as opposed to mere exchange of information.

Communion reaches a place that is far beyond words. In fact, it touches to that place where words unfold, it is the invisible space from which the symbolism of words and language derive. So it is natural that once communion has occurred and is over, the separation of self and other occurs again, that a whole slew of words will arise within ones consciousness. But these words will be of a radically different quality than before because they are arising from the source of words, rather than generated from a previous surface level thought stream.

In order for these words to be able to touch the depth of what has occurred in the state of communion, it is important to have a natural language that can adequately express what has happened. This natural language is one of energetics. Because communion is a dissolving of boundaries, one enters into a realm of pure undifferentiated energy, it is a movement into the unmanifest, the mystery. The standard language of the mind will not do, science cannot touch this place. This is where the application of the universal cosmology comes into place, because it provides the framework or pattern from which these kinds of experiences can be best fit into. It allows for the communication to adequately and accurately reflect the communion. In other words, it enables the mind to be entrained with the heart, so that the words reflect the truth of the experience. In this way, we learn to truly speak from the heart.





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