Dreams and Responsibilites

Have heard from lot of people, “i could not accomplish my dreams coz i had these many responsibilities to take care of”. But let me tell you today. This sentence is a myth! You can fulfil your responsibilities and dreams both! They can go simultaneously… Its never like.. First let me be free… Then i will do it!…. No….. Never……

Its all about what you want and how eager or desperate are you for it. How keen you are to fulfil that dream.

“Agar sache dil se kuchh chaho toh, poori qayanat usse tumse milane ke liye joott jaati hai”…..

Only thing that you need is persistence, believe in self and action….. Do not give up… Give another try every time you fail.

At the end of the journey, you will realize that you have actually climbed the mountain and reached to the peak…. And your experience will be of…. “Yaar abhi toh neeche the… Thinking… We have to climb this big mountain reach its peak”. Believe me…. Its the most awesome experience of life.

None of the above that i mentioned is a gyaan… Its my personal experience! I am proud to be what i am and the way i am… I am proud to keep up to my responsibilities and not compromising on my dreams!

Feeling so happy.

There are people with practical approach, who will keep telling you.. “Come out of your dream. You live in a dream world….. Its alright… Let them say….. Probably they don’t experience the power of your will……” Even i had many to pull me down….

There will be set of people who will believe in your dreams and support you.

There will be set of people who will not believe in your dreams but yet support you.

There will be set of people who will not believe in your dreams and pretend that they support and believe you…

You will meet people of all kinds…. What is important is…. You not stopping anywhere….. Believe firmly…. And work towards it…. Your focus should be like Arjun (one of the 5 pandavas from mahabharata) concentrating on birds eye! And hit the eye!

Dream. Boldness has magic in it….. And when they come true…. World is suddenly full of magic!

I created my dreams and i made them my reality! Dream big! Everything is possible. I am dream girl.

Let me know if i can help you achieve your dreams.




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