Diversity – The very pulse of India (Happy Festivals)

Today is the beginning of my favorite month.
Just like in god’s we have lord vishnu, in month’s we have “Shravana” or “Saawan”…..
And what makes this most unique is:
1. It marks the beginning of festival season
2. It’s a month where people take “Baadha”, start reading religious texts and scriptures, worship and indulge in allied activities. It is considered as the most Holy / “Parvitra” month.
3. According to Hinduism, Jainism,  Muslims, Sikhism, Sindhis,  this is the most important and holy because of various festivals of like

Raksha Bandhan, Janmashtami, Naag panchami,

Sitala satam / Thadri,

Paryushan / Atthai / Dashlakshana Parva, Chaturmaas period (although its for 4 months of monsoon, but still it is also in shravana month)

Ramzan month / Eid,  Shab-e-Barat (not really in shravana month, but near to it. It is night of forgiveness, just like in jainism we have michhami dukkadam)

Parsi New Year,

Avani Avittam/Upakarmam, Kajari Navami, Nariyal Purnima, Kajli Teej, and Pavitropana

Chaliho Sahib (forty days fast period in Sindhis)

Diggi Pad Yatra, Mango Festival, Van Mahotsav, Hariyali Amavasya, Onam

So many festivals to name in the month of july-august.

I still don’t know if there are any festivals in Bahaism, Judaism and Buddhism in these 2 months.. Would love to explore on the same.

I am so glad that I am born in a country like India, which is a true demonstration of “UNITY IN DIVERSITY”. Each religion in India, have its own legends, stories, texts and scriptures, heroes, gods, beliefs, pilgrimage sites and it is this diversity that is the very pulse of Indian culture, AND I AM SO FOND OF IT:)
Happy Festivals to all of you!





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